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› (in sports activities and games) a scenario during which both sides or group has equal factors or is in an equivalent situation and neither aspect wins:

The very first farm coloring webpage offers the youngsters the chance to draw an animal they might uncover about the farm!

› FINANCE, COMMERCE to put in writing a Monthly bill of exchange (= document Employed in trade that orders payment for merchandise or expert services):

the bow and geared toward the concentrate on 10 : to induce to shrink, agreement, or tighten draw your knees into your upper body Her encounter was drawn

Pair this attractive wall coloration with a modern crystal chandelier for a stylish juxtaposition in a standard dining area.

Pulling draft drag draught draw sth up haul heave heave-ho heft hitch sth up pluck pluck at sth reel retract retractable suck tow tow-away trail tweak twitch See additional final results »

1) When you've got JavaScript enabled you'll be able to simply click the [Print] backlink in the very best fifty percent in the webpage and it will immediately print the coloring web page only and disregard the marketing and navigation at the very best from the page.

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They're organizing a marketing campaign to draw individuals's attention on the environmentally damaging outcomes of applying their cars and trucks.

Often test your picked coloration in a single place just before acquiring gallons of paint. Analyze coloration samples outdoor, but never ever in immediate sunlight. Shiny sun will distort the colour. Before acquiring large portions of paint, purchase quarts within your selected colours and paint one place within your house. Stay with it for awhile.

Your small household is the proper spot for your sunny small kitchen. A heat yellow like Benjamin Moore's Hawthorne Yellow would glimpse terrific with white cabinets, subway tile walls, along with a weathered gray tile floor.

steep, infuse - Enable sit in a very liquid to extract a taste or to cleanse; "steep the blossoms in oil"; "steep the fruit in Liquor"

7. to draw in. She was wanting to draw my focus to some thing. kry يَجْذِبُ привличам atrair přitáhnout, upoutat fesseln tiltrække προσελκύωatraer ligi tõmbama جذب کردن kiinnittää huomio attirer לְהָפנוֹת תְשוּמֵת לֵב आकर्षित करना privući vonz menarik draga athygli attirare ひきつける (주의를) 끌다 pritraukti piesaistīt (uzmanību) menarik perhatian trekkentrekke til seg oppmerksomhetprzyciągać جذبول atrair a atrage привлекать pritiahnuť pritegniti privući fileästa, rikta, dra till sig ดึงดูดความสนใจ çekmek 引起 привертати توجہ دلانا thu hút sự chú ý 引起

draw - choose in, also metaphorically; "The sponge absorbs drinking check here water effectively"; "She drew power in the minister's terms"

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